How to Make Him Want To Stay With You Forever

Naturally, women are good at grooming themselves to catch the eyes of the men of their dream. However, once they catch his attention and have actually gotten him interested enough to want to get to know them better, most of them fumble their luck. Here are some short but actionable tricks and hints on how to keep a man with you for a lifetime.

Keep him intrigued

Of course, if he likes what he has known so far, you can rest assured he will come back for more. Do not be a completely open book unless that is the person you are naturally. Instead, give your relationship some time to simmer and make sure to space out your revelations so that throughout your life, you will always have something new to surprise him with. What I mean is;

Maintain a little mystery. Don’t let him know all the details about you; every place you go, what you ate, the little things you do, every person you have ever met etc. Not even if you feel like being completely open to the man of your dreams. Sharing all the details with him is likely to drain him. This is the 1st principle on how to keep a man. Being a daredevil, an explorer and a hunter, your man naturally loves surprises.

Find out what he likes

Every person likes to talk about themselves. It’s a fact of life. However, instead of spending a lot of time on yourself and details of your past, spend it figuring out what he actually wants. If he is thrilled by a certain color, it would do a lot of good in keeping him if you wear that color ones in a while. In case you discover he likes certain a certain dish, it certainly won’t hurt to surprise him with a lunch or dinner. In simple term, move from being simplistic and saying that “men like” and actually find out what YOUR MAN LIKES. This is the 2nd principle on how to keep a man. Never compromise it.

Find the optimal balance between independence and making him feel loved

Unlike Women, men naturally like to be independent, meaning that he needs a little more space than you do. Make him feel like he has a life outside of you. Yes! Face it here. As much as your man loves you, nothing pains him than the feeling that he has lost all his friends. So to say, give him some space and independence. In case you feel worried about trust, don’t be. If he cares about you and he treasures what he has with you, he will do all he can not to give you a reason to doubt him. However, if you have objective reasons to want to doubt him, then you can go ahead and question his motives. Note that constantly accusing him goes against this principle on how to keep a man because it gives him a reason to want to punish you by cheating. So, avoid it.


Finally make him feel like a man

There is nothing that is good in keeping a man than boosting his ego. It makes him feel good about himself and if you can be the reason that makes him feel good, what more can he want than to be with you night and day?

Reinforce the way he wants to be perceived. For example, if you notice he likes looking like an athlete, tell him how coordinated, skilled and muscular he is. In addition, pay attention to all the good things he does to you and don’t wait to recap them once in a while. When he pays your meal, open the door and let you in first or holds you hand in town, make him feel special too and thank him. I mean practically tell him you like and enjoy it; more than anything in the world.

This way, you will see your man stick with you to the end; all natural and simple.  For more information visit website.